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Carry On Del Boy is a collection of original paintings and artworks by Paul Wright.

3rd October - 3rd November 2019
Hart Club
95 Westminster Bridge Road
London, SE1 7HR

About the Exhibition

In collaboration with Submit to Love Studios, the East London arts space supporting artists who have survived brain injuries, we are proud too introduce the work of artist Paul Wright in the brand-new exhibition “Carry On Del Boy”. His vibrant debut show will run at Hart Club gallery between 3rd October and 3rd November.

“Carry on Del Boy” explores the very best in nostalgic popular culture, with each piece acting as a humorous homage to film and television’s most iconic English characters; including Peggy Mitchell, Captain Mainwaring and (of course) the Trotter family. The exhibition will feature more than 15 paintings, alongside a handmade rug and a selection of ceramics created by Paul over the last year.

The show not only marks the first time the artist’s work has been exhibited publicly, but also sees the coming together of ourselves and Submit to Love Studios. Our gallery has a proven track-record of positioning artists outside the mainstream alongside established contemporaries, and our inclusive aesthetic provides a perfect home for Paul’s bold, vibrant works.

About the Artist

Paul Wright injects humour into our most beloved and familiar characters.

Londoner Paul Wright experienced a traumatic brain injury in 2007, which left him with long-term disabilities affecting his short-term memory, movement and communication. Supported by brain injury charity Headway East London, Paul’s passing interest in art was transformed last year when the charity’s studio, Submit to Love, introduced him to Artist-In-Residence (and namesake) Stephen Wright.

What followed was a collaborative partnership exploring colour, scale, character and pattern. The intuitive and playful approach marked the beginning of a fresh artistic direction, and resulted in Paul creating a series of works inspired by his favourite programme Only Fools and Horses. His mischievous personality flows onto the page; introducing audiences to the rowdy mix of Londoners who have shaped his life and provided him with endless joy.

Paul Wright x Steven Wright

“A wonderful experience and a big learning curve” Stephen Wright.

In Autumn of 2018 Stephen Wright was invited to be artist in residence at Submit To Love Studios and worked closely with Paul Wright. His dedicated attention and encouragement enabled Paul’s artistic confidence to flourish. Paul’s first large scale works, as seen in this exhibition, were created under the guidance of Stephen.

“I was instantly impressed with the work being produced by the members, the variety of the facilities available and most importantly the ethos. Every person was seen as an artist, with their own folder for their own artwork, neatly arranged on the shelves. On enquiring I could see that the work that was being produced was not art therapy, but strong and individual artwork in its own right.” Stephen Wright on Submit To Love studios.

“Looking back on it now it was an incredible experience. Towards the end of my residency I decided to spend a few weeks working with Paul Wright. Looking through his artwork folder I instinctively knew he had more to offer. So we would paint together, and I would encourage him to work on a larger scale and really express the spontaneous and painterly aspects of his work.”

“It was a wonderful experience and big learning curve for us both. Some of the experimental approaches to work that I developed whilst working with Paul have been feeding into my own practice. I suppose I was also looking for the Artist In Residence post to influence my work too! And it did…”

Carry On Del Boy Documentary

About Submit To Love studios

Submit to Love is home to a collective of self-taught artists. These artists have developed a set of unique practices and interests, refined over more than a decade. All of their artists have survived brain injuries – some use this to inform their work, whilst others take inspiration from the world around them. The studio is based at brain injury charity Headway East London in Hackney.

Helen Ralli, founder of Hart Club, adds: “It is always a pleasure to visit the Submit To Love studios – the vibrancy of the work and the dedication of the artists and supporting staff is inspiring. Watching the expansion of Paul as an artist as he works towards his first solo show and knowing that this joyful work will soon have a larger audience is incredibly exciting.”

What do we do?

Hart Club’s mission is to champion neurodiversity within the Arts.