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What We Do

Hart Club is a community organisation dedicated to championing neurodiversity in the Arts.

From 2018 to April 2023 we were based in a gallery, creative workspace and community hub in London.


Hart Club is an organisation founded in 2018 dedicated to championing neurodiversity in the Arts. It started as a gallery to platform the work of artists that so often go unseen due to the exclusionary structures that shape the art world.

The project quickly developed to extend far beyond this as a myriad of people were drawn to the space and began to input their love, ideas, and expertise.

We aim to:

To champion neurodiversity in the Arts.

To forge working relationships between artists.

To build confidence, community and wellbeing.

To gain creative and financial recognition for artists

To encourage conversation around diversity and inclusion.

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is an approach to learning and disability that argues diverse neurological conditions are result of normal variations in the human genome. Neurodiversity has its roots in the social model of disability, which considers disability to be a civil rights issue. The social model rejects the notion that an individual must be “normal” to enjoy the full range of human experience, arguing that an impairment should not constitute a barrier to inclusion or access.

Disability, then, stems largely from society’s failure to accommodate varying needs. That does not mean that all impairments are caused by external factors nor that we should not try to address them using medical means if beneficial to the individual. Rather, it means that whilst the person is experiencing the impairment society needs to work to support and accommodate them.

As well as working directly with individuals we’ve showcased the work of charities and organisations that support artists such as Age Unlimited, Artbox, Camberwell Incredibles, Cambridge House, Exceptional Individuals, Submit To Love, Headway East London, Heart n Soul and more.


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What do we do?

Hart Club’s mission is to champion neurodiversity within the Arts.