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We need your help bringing this visionary project to life.


Hart School is a 3 month Arts programme that is designed to be free, inclusive and accessible. This opportunity is open to adults of all ages and prioritises those who are typically excluded from similar opportunities due to financial barriers and lack of specialised support for disabled artists. Hart School is an intensive summer school where students and teachers work in a radically inclusive, non-hierarchical, collaborative learning environment that supports participants to develop confidence in their creative practice.

We will provide highly specialised and supported learning with a ratio of one facilitator per two learners. With a superstar team of educators and industry professionals, students will be guided through demonstrations, talks, studio visits and weekly meetings with an Art Therapist. This is art school – with a difference! One that focuses on enabling and empowering some of the most creative but marginalised people in our society.

Introducing Hart School

What We Will Offer

  • 6 free scholarships to 3 month programme of intensive Arts learning
  • Public art piece including billboard & window display on Westminster Bridge Road
  • Art book featuring works & learnings from Hart School
  • Public exhibition of works made during the course
  • Year long legacy programme for alumni including mentorship in chosen field
  • Limited edition art works
  • Development of creative community
  • Documentary film about the project
  • Flagship programme dedicated to improving local arts education and accessibility
  • Develop ability of Hart Club to provide ongoing educational support to local community

Hart Club and the local community

Hart Club focuses a lot of its work in the immediate local area, including running The Great Grey dementia workshops for people in the local area & taking on 2 apprentices from Roots & Shoots, a local youth organisation. As a space, Hart Club hosts public exhibitions & events directed towards the local area, providing free entertainment & access to the arts.

Our local community is in dire need of this support, especially now, when other freely accessible museums, galleries and council resources like libraries in the area have had to remain closed or radically narrow their operation during the pandemic. The opportunities for people to engage culturally & socially, express themselves and develop their talents in a supportive environment have shrunk even further. Hart School will provide the space for a small group of diverse, intergenerational students to develop their creative skills whilst enjoying a communal Arts space.

How can I support Hart School?


  • Donate directly to our Spacehive fundraising page.
  • Buy artwork from our online store.
  • Share this page with friends and family.


What do we do?

Hart Club’s mission is to champion neurodiversity within the Arts.